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A&E Machine Shop, Inc. is a fully equipped fabrication facility geared to meet customer needs. We produce exceptional quality products that can meet stringent deadlines with our experienced staff. We pride ourselves on our service, and we promise to deliver the highest quality goods at the best possible prices.

Located in Lone Star, Texas, A&E, has established it’s self as a quality supplier of fabrications, machined parts, and welded components.

A&E Machine Shop, Inc.’s craftsmen specialize in steel and sheet metal fabrication and custom metal fabrication of all types and specifications. Experienced certified welders and quality managers ensure that all projects are completed on time with the highest in quality standards and tolerances.

Work Range
From handrail and platform fabrication to specialty ductwork and code vessel fabrication, our service enables the company to be prepared for any job that requires stainless steel fabrication, special alloys or carbon steel fabrication.

In Addition
Additionally, A&E Machine Shop, Inc. has the crane, trucking and rigging capabilities for the delivery and installation of the finished product.

We have a Fabricators Agreement with McNally Wellman of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A&E Mill and Welding Supply Company
A&E Mill and Welding Company stores have been in business for 40+ years serving customers in northeast Texas with locations at our main facility in Lone Star and another in Paris, Texas.
A&E Machine Shop, Inc. is part of a network of manufacturers of high quality wear parts. HARDOX has a unique combination of consistent and high hardness, high strength and excellent toughness makes the material well suited for a wide variety of applications.
We offer wear plates from 0.7 mm to 160 mm. These new dimensions open up for new possibilities where the thickness used to be a limitation.

HARDOX wear plate is available in several hardness levels: HARDOX 400, HARDOX 450, HARDOX 500, HARDOX 550, HARDOX 600, HARDOX Extreme and HARDOX HiTuf. It means that you can always specify a HARDOX steel grade to meet your specific needs.