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A&E has been in business since 1965, utilizes 30+ machines and has a knowledgeable journeymen machinists.
A&E General Brochure
Fabrication Services at A&E Machine Shop, Inc.
A&E Machine Shop, Inc. is a fully equipped fabrication facility geared to meet customer needs. We produce exceptional quality products that can meet stringent deadlines with our experienced staff. We pride ourselves on our service, and we promise to deliver the highest quality goods at the best possible prices. We are committed to delivering our work with speed, courtesy, and reliability's.

A&E Machine Shop, Inc.’s craftsmen specialize in steel and sheet metal fabrication and custom metal fabrication of all types and specifications. Experienced welders and quality managers ensure that all projects are completed on time with the highest in quality standards and tolerances.

From handrail and platform fabrication to specialty ductwork and code vessel fabrication, our service enables the company to be prepared for any job that requires stainless steel fabrication, special alloys or carbon steel fabrication.
  Our Fabrication Services include the Following:
Brake & Shear
Engineering Design Services
On-Site Delivery
Machine Shop
Parts Assembly
Roll Forming
Standard Welding
Testing & Inspection
Wear & Replacement Parts
To support our fabrication operation, our machine shop is capable of producing unique or mass produced products ranging from small component parts to large steel fabrications. From plate rolling and brake press capabilities, to CNC machining and plasma cutting, A&E is fully prepared to get the job done right, and right now!

Engineering Services

We have Degreed Industrial, Mechanical and Civil (registered] Engineers on Staff.

Other Fabrication

Dragline Bucket Repair, Steel Structures, Wear Parts, Duct Work, Transitions, Chutes, Cones, Expansion Joints, Window Washing Equipment for Skyscrapers, Boiler Tube Shields, Hoppers, Silos, Tanks, Cyclones, Clinker Grinders, Riffle Distributor Elements, Telescoping Coal Chutes, Piping, Conveyor Rolls, Pans and Components, Pulverizer Mill Bottoms and Wear Parts, Coal Crusher Rotors, Guards, Fans and Housings, etc.

Associations we are members of:
  American Welding Society
  Society of Manufacturing Engineers
  American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  Associated General Contractors (AGC)

Additionally, A&E Machine Shop, Inc. has the crane, trucking and rigging capabilities for the delivery and installation of the finished product.
Roll Forming
Ductwork, Platforms,
Ladders Fabrication
Hydraulic Shear -
1/2" A36 and 3/8" S.S. x 10'
400 Ton Press Brake
Shape Rolls