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A&E Machine Shop, Inc. offers conventional welding along with a mill and welding supply store serving the northeast Texas area.
Welding Services - Conventional Welding
A&E Machine Shop, Inc. offers a wide array of welding capabilities. Our employees are trained and certified to standards of the American Welding Society. Welding parameters are controlled to ensure sound quality practices. Our plant specializes in gas metal arc (mig) welding of aluminum, carbon and stainless steel. Our welding capabilities are enhanced with tungsten gas arc (tig) welding capacities in aluminum, stainless, carbon steel and nickel.
Our Welding Services Include the Following:
SUB-ARC Welding
STICK Welding
MIG Welding
TIG Welding
A&E Machine Shop, Inc. is experienced in welding with numerous filler metals. Our operators have certified in flux core, metal core and solid wires in carbon steel, stainless and aluminum. Welding is accomplished in the 1G flat position when feasible by design.
Welding procedures are developed in house for moderate to complex product designs in accordance with the standards of the American Welding Society. We monitor welding parameters for filler metal specifications, voltage, wire speed, torch angles, shielding gas flow rates and travel speeds where applicable.
Welding Supplies - A&E's Mill & Welding Supply Store
The A&E Mill and Welding Supply store has been in business for 50+ years serving customers in northeast Texas.
Certified Welders
Computer Controlled Burning Table
Roll Forming